Yuken Teruya



Yuken Teruya manipulates everyday objects, transforming their meanings to reflect on contemporary society and culture. Central features of his works include the idea of metamorphosis, and the subversion of expectations or traditional meanings. Using a variety of materials and media — from kimonos, to pizza boxes, newspaper articles, shopping bags and paper-cuttings — Teruya frequently creates meticulous and intricate art works, small and enchanting worlds, which relate to broader concerns. Teruya’s works explore issues such as the growing consumerism of contemporary society, depleting natural resources and other problems associated with globalism, including the threat it poses to localised cultural traditions and identities.

告知 ― 森
Notice – Forest
2005 (2015)
Set of 5 paper bags (wooden stage)
Courtesy: Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo

Photo:Keizo Kioku