Simon Fujiwara



Simon Fujiwara is a British/Japanese artist who grew up with his English mother in the remote rural county of Cornwall, in the UK. Much of Fujiwara’s work draws on his biography, creating engaging and sometimes challenging stories, which mix fact and fiction to compelling and powerful effect. Using his family history, he fuses the private sphere with the social realm, blurring reality and storytelling to create a drama in which he plays the roles of multiple characters: anthropologist, novelist, and eroticist among others. A recent project, Rehearsal for a Reunion (with the Father of Pottery), after Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada (2011) narrates a process of reparation and re-engagement with his estranged Japanese father, via the medium of pottery.


Beer Jockey (From the Father of Pottery)
Mixed media
167 × 55 × 55 cm
Courtesy: Obayashi Collection

Photo:Keizo Kioku