あるテーマ性を持って世界を旅し、そのテーマをきっかけとして生まれた出会いや経験を作品化するアーティスト。片方の眉毛をそった状態でヨーロッパの11 か国をめぐる旅に出た「作品」では、その奇妙な表情を持つ日本の青年に対して寄せられた人々の好奇心や友情を、写真やビデオ、ドローイングなどで構成されたインスタレーションを通して見るものに伝える。

Shimabuku travels the world, interacts with strangers, and converses with nature, instigating moments of poetry, humor, and wonderment. Each of his works tells the story of an improbable encounter across borders, species, and states of being. In “Tour of Europe with One Eyebrow Shaved” (1991), the action of shaving off one eyebrow forms a catalyst for a tour through eleven European countries, where the artist’s irregular appearance becomes not only a sight for response but also a topic that initiates conversation and friendship. Similarly, in the 2008 sculptural installation “Something that Floats/Something that Sinks,” featuring fruits and vegetables circling each other (one above, one below), Shimabuku demonstrates an odd natural phenomena—certain fruits of the exact same species and even of the same plant, float, while others sink. The work is simultaneously an orchestrated dance fashioned by the invisible dynamics of density and weight.

Something that Floats / Something that Sinks
Mixed media
Pedestal 30 × 80 × 80 cm, tub 19 × 60cm (diameter)
Courtesy: the artist, Air de Paris, Paris and Wien
Lukatsch, Berlin

Photo:Keizo Kioku