Peter Fend



Peter Fend established Ocean Earth Development Corporation in 1980, emerging from the New York-based Offices, founded by Peter Fend, Jenny Holzer, Peter Nadin, Richard Prince and Robin Winters. Ocean Earth was specifically conceived as an instrument for implementing the goals of the environmental art movement, building upon the ideas of ‘land artists’ such as Robert Smithson, Michael Heiser, Dennis Oppenheim and Gordon Matta-Clark (with whom Fend worked closely until his death in 1978). The organisation functions as a loose association of artists, architects and scientists, shifting according to the needs of each project as they take place around the world. Through intensive inter-disciplinary collaborations, connecting ecological imperatives with future-oriented technology, Ocean Earth has sought to develop a wide range of strategies for improving our relationship to the environment. One of Fend’s principle strategies is to view global ecologies as centred around ocean basins, rather than land (and terrestrial being), which is peripheral to these hydrometric geographies.

Japan Local Waters: Bay Basins
Tactical Pilotage Charts, paper, pins
Courtesy: the artist

Photo:Keizo Kioku