Motoyuki Shitamichi



Shitamichi Motoyuki is a traveling artist, best known for his photographic documents of what he happens upon in transit. In a literal sense, he is a “traveler-type” artist who creates works while staying and living in different parts of the country. Types of traveling could be roughly grouped into two kinds: one is that the final goal of the traveler is to reach the destination he has planned, and the other is that the traveler does not decide on his destination and appreciates being on the road, seeking encounters with town, people and things in the process of movement. Shitamichi pursues these two poles depending on the nature of his work. The accumulation of things that he has collected in “traveling” constitutes the main element of the formation of his works. In Bunkers, war ruins scattered throughout the country are photographed, torii depicts torii (shrine gate) that remain outside present borders of Japan, and in bridge, snapshots he took at different places show items of minimum structure like a piece of board connecting boundaries found everywhere, which he defined as “bridge.” At first sight, he seems to be pursuing disconnected things in a distracted way, but there are three points in common as in the following concerning those which he has collected with his sharp observing eye and curiosity.

The Floating Monuments
Video 10’21”, mixed media
Courtesy: the artist

Photo:Keizo Kioku