Michael Stevenson



Michael Stevenson’s practice embraces both conceptual art and objects. He works across a number of media including sculpture, installation, drawing and film. Allowing the conceptual basis for a project to dictate the form of each artwork, he is particularly interested in historical moments that demonstrate the nexus between art and economics. The point of departure for his practice is often a singular historical story concerning intersecting figures and events, both public and private. His work delivers traces of that story in a manner akin to archaeology. Some works involve a reproduction or facsimile of an object central to the tale. The artist is drawn to stories that tend toward allegory, as a consequence of which his work invites readings from the particular to the universal, and from the improbable to the fantastical.

2011 / 2015
Mixed media
186 × 120 × 90 cm
Courtesy: the artist

Photo:Keizo Kioku