Angus Fairhurst


英国の作家アンガス・フェアハーストは、いわゆる90 年代に登場し、その後、世界の現代美術界に多大な影響を与え続けるいわゆるYBA(Young British Artists)の一人である。作品のジャンルは、彫刻、絵画、パフォーマンスと多岐にわたり、自意識や欲望、広告、大量生産、大量消費といったテーマを扱う作品が多い。特に、ファッション雑誌のモデルの姿を切り抜いてコラージュ風にアレンジした作品は有名で、モデルの不在を通してそれを焦点とする見る者の欲望や自意識を浮かびあがる。アンガス・フェアハーストもこれまで日本でほとんど紹介されていない。

Angus Fairhurst was one of the most influential members of the group of artists associated with London’s Goldsmiths College in the late 1980s, who became known as the Young British Artists, setting the tone for contemporary art in the UK over the next two decades. Fairhurst’s work eludes straightforward categorisation, encompassing sculpture, painting, performance, photography, video, music, printmaking, drawing and collage. His work touches on themes such as selfhood, desire, advertising and mass reproduction, his combination of conceptual strategies merging into an idiosyncratic and subtle formal vocabulary. The artist found a source for his complex collages in advertising, with its constantly repeated paradigms of female beauty and diverse design concepts. By freeing these from their representative function, for example by removing all evidence of body and text, Fairhurst revealed his fascination with the aesthetics of surfaces. Much of Fairhurst’s activity centres in this way on repetition, evoking the spirit of Samuel Beckett or Bruce Nauman, he explored the way in which loops and superimposition serve as metaphors for the absurdity of everyday life.


身体と文章が削除された、雑誌の3 ページ
Three pages from a magazine, body and text removed
Cut-out magazine on paper

Photo:Keizo Kioku